Saturday, January 31, 2015

52 Weeks of Art - Week 05 "Flight"

As I've mentioned before, I am part of a group of artists committed to creating something new each week for the entire year. This week's theme is "Flight," and a friend created this amazing drawing.

"Flight" (shared with permission of the artist, Debi Dempsey)

I can't explain why, exactly, but I was immediately inspired by this picture. And this is what I wrote:

The Adventures of Fiona

Fiona, child of Mullaghmore
Too short, too plain, too rounded
Had dreams that she would leave the shore
In truth, though, she was grounded

For she was born the serving class
To tend and care for others
And she would be just one more lass
Turned into wives and mothers

There was so much she longed to do
And places she longed to see
But kept so busy all day through
Traveling was not to be

And still the thoughts raced ‘round her mind
Every day when she awoke
“I will leave this place behind”
Was whispered, but never spoke

‘Twas fifteen klicks to Binn Ghulbain
Might just as well been eighty
For everyone around her said
That’s no place for a lady

And so she longed to see that hill
Mountains that were so well known
"Forget it, girl, you never will,
Not now, not when old and grown."

She thought that this would be the way
Day in, day out, would remain
Until the stars aligned one day
And all in her world would change 

It started when she said a prayer
Aloud and of a fashion
“Gods and faeries, if you are there,
You know my heart’s true passion”

“I cannot stay long in this place
I cannot live and die here
The mountain dream’s what I must chase
And I so want to fly there.”

That night, like all the rest, she slept
But the faeries toiled and schemed
They took all the tears she had wept
And turned them into her dreams

She felt, at first, the wind rush by
The she heard a lone bird sing
In disbelief, opened her eyes
And she gazed upon her wings

They were beautiful, wide and strong
But to her touch, they were soft
And as they carried her along
Their strength kept her aloft

She traveled cross the open sky
Convinced she had lost her mind
She did not know the how or why
But her dreams were hers to find

Committed now and moving fast
Behold the sounds and the sight
No looking back, she left her past
Fiona, a girl in flight

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