Wednesday, February 18, 2015

52 Weeks of Art - Week 07 "Twins"

The Twins

I met two men that changed my life
In ways I could not see
I met them both at the same time
And they both wanted me

To tell the truth, it flattered me
Getting their attention
They would pursue and I was the
Object of affection

While two of us were hand in glove
The one shared only pain
The very best and worst of love
That brought me pride and shame

For one man had the kindest heart
Open and welcoming
He offered romance from the start
His light was beckoning

The other man was dark inside
Pain and anger the goal
It seemed no matter how I tried
That poison filled his soul

Back and forth and around we’d go
Always me caught between
The love he felt, the hate he’d show
The two were such extremes

I was the fool who truly thought
That love would save the day
But peace was what I truly sought
And finally walked away

The memories are all a part
Of love and joy and pain
The good was a song in my heart
The bad? Constant refrain

They nearly tore me all apart
These twins that I once knew
I loved both men with all my heart
And both of them were you

(Entry for week seven of my 52 Weeks of Art challenge)

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