Monday, January 5, 2015

52 Weeks of Art - Week 01 "Winter"

Winter Kills.
It’s true. Every good thing I ever had and loved has ended in winter. Different reasons, sure. But the timing is always the same.
It’s as if the cold days steal away every bit of warmth and the long, dark nights extinguish any glow of light. And it’s just me at the end, now numb to the inevitable loss.
There was a time… before… when I believed in happy-ever-after. I loved him then. The days were drenched by the sun and loud with laughter. Even the nights were alive with starlight and the glow of the moon. All around us felt eternal and abundant, the very ground we stood on teaming with life. It was an obscenity of riches, and I was so steeped in it I was unaware that any other reality could exist.
But winter comes with its own certainty. And I am powerless to do anything but observe as dreams crash, hope crumbles, and darkness closes in.
And the song. Always the song. The same one I’ve heard since I was a child.
In your eyes
Makes me cruel
Makes me spiteful
Tears are delightful
Welcome your nightfall
How winter kills
I tear at you, searching for weak seams
And it finds them.

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