Wednesday, January 21, 2015

52 Weeks of Art - Week 03 "Paddock"

Three Horses

Three horses, on a hill
Ran back and forth and round until
Their world became a bigger place
And now across the fields they race

Three horses, daily stood
Contained, constrained by walls of wood
Each day the same, nothing was new
Until the winter cold blew through

Three horses, then one gone
A soul that pure could not go on
So gentle, calm, its heart so true
Touched by the evil others do

Two horses, as they do
Would run and play the whole day through
The colt was strong, its spirit bold
But flesh was weak and failed to hold

One horse, stood all alone
Angry and bitter to the bone
One day he stumbled and he fell
Not sad at all, was just as well

Three horses, once were there
With shiny coats and golden hair
But all things change and nothing lasts
This paddock and ghosts of the past

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