Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 4 Recap - Summer of Run

Saturday was the end of week 4 of my Summer of Run Challenge.

  1. I ran all seven days.
  2. I ran at least one 10-minute mile each day.
  3. I ran more than 15 miles for the week.
Here's how it happened:

And the challenge recap so far:

The running was good this week, for the most part. My plan to run 6-1-3-1-6-1-1 was good, and it gave me  a chance to rest while still hitting the daily minimum. But by late in the week, it was clear that my health was going to be an issue.

I coughed a lot all week, to the point that I had to see the doctor. No surprise, I have bronchitis. I was candid with the doc about my intention to keep running each day, and we worked out a plan. I was given the go-ahead to run provided I don't over-exert myself.

I have decided to switch my schedule, starting with a couple of 1 mile days this week and running farther later in the week. This will allow me more time to recover from the cough.

For week 5, I am planning this:
  • Sun - 1 miles
  • Mon - 1 mile
  • Tue - 4 miles
  • Wed - 1 mile
  • Thu - 3 miles
  • Fri - 1 mile
  • Sat - 4 mile
This will give me the bare minimum for the week, and I'm fine with it. Continuing to run with bronchitis is a tricky business, and I'm balancing the importance of completing the challenge with the need to slow down and heal.

And the Summer of Run continues!

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