Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 3 Recap - Summer of Run

Saturday was the end of week 3 of my Summer of Run Challenge.

  1. I ran all seven days.
  2. I ran at least one 10-minute mile each day.
  3. I ran more than 15 miles for the week.
Here's how it happened:

And the challenge recap so far:

This was a tough week for me. Running every day isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Without a full off day to recover, I am finding that even some of the shorter runs feel slow and awkward. My Friday run was the worst. It was the first time that I wondered if I might have taken on too big a challenge. By the time I got home, my shins hurt so bad that I was limping and I thought, "damn it, what if I can't do this?"

Fortunately, my Saturday run was better and I knocked out my mile with no problem. But the bad run made me realize how big this challenge is. I need to put some real thought into it and not just dash out the door each morning to run.

For week 4, I am planning this:
  • Sun - 6 miles
  • Mon - 1 mile
  • Tue - 3 miles
  • Wed - 1 mile
  • Thu - 6 miles
  • Fri - 1 mile
  • Sat - 1 mile

That will give me nearly 20 miles for the week, and that is well above my challenge minimum. It will also ensure that I am getting down time between my longer runs. Hopefully, I will feel strong and remain injury-free all week.

And the Summer of Run continues!

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