Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Facing A Runner's Dilemma.

So far this week, I have run 10.78 miles. That means that I need a combined 4.22 miles over the next three days. No problem. Normally, I'd run five miles tomorrow to get to my weekly minimum and then do whatever I felt like the last two days.

But this isn't a normal week. On Sunday, I am running the Dolphin Dash Half Marathon in Long Beach. And starting my week off with a thirteen mile run is great, but that means I need to get a few rest days before then.

I SHOULD run 2.25 miles tomorrow, 1 mile Friday, and 1 mile Saturday. That's what I should do. But I know me. And I'm going to want to run more. Thus, the dilemma. Do I run more now and risk being tired and over-trained for Sunday, or do I just go for it this week and let the chips fall where they may at the half-marathon?

I'm going to take the long view here. I still have a lot of summer running to do, and it's better for me to stay within my planned distances. So tomorrow, I'll do the 2.25 and then the next two days will be one-mile recovery days.

Half Marathon, here I come!

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