Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sixty Pounds

My long-term goal is to lose 60 pounds. And that sounds like a lot. How can I possibly manage 60 pounds?

And then I realized something. I am already managing 60 pounds. Each day, when I walk up the steps to the office, I am managing to carry an extra 60 pounds. When I mow the lawn, or walk the aisles of the grocery store, or stand in line at the theater, I am managing to carry an extra 60 pounds. Every moment of every day, every place I go and everything I do, I'm weighed down with this extra 60 pounds.

And what I am taking away from this newfound realization? If I can manage to carry 60 pounds for so many years, I can surely manage to carry it to the gym and on to the bike and for long walks and jogs and runs. I can carry it through my workouts until, pound by pound, it goes away.

60 pounds, indeed. Pfft.

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