Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, Tom. Why?

I realize that times are tough. And I understand that even celebrities fall on tough times. But how desperate has Tom Selleck become that he would agree to take part in an Anthony Robbins' infomercial? I was at the bank today (shout-out to Torrey Pines!) and they were airing some awful extended commercial for The Ultimate Edge. And there on screen, looking handsome as ever, was Tom Selleck. Granted, he also looked a bit stoic, as if he didn't trust himself to show a single true emotion lest he break down in shame right there in front of Robbins.

Here is a better (bitter?) review from infomercial-hell.com:
Probably no personality dominated TV infomercials in the 1990’s more than Anthony Robbins. But his once-ubiquitous infomercials abruptly disappeared from the air, probably because of market saturation.

Now Tony Robbins has returned to the airwaves with an infomercial for his Ultimate Edge program. This latest Tony Robbins infomercial sells a “coaching” package of his usual rah-rah motivational bullcrap. And as in his infomercials of olde, lots of Hollywood celebrities and sports stars appear to declare that Anthony Robbins caused all their success and their own talent and hard work had nothing to do with it.

Tom Selleck of Magnum P.I. fame interviews Tony Robbins here—yet another former mega-star reduced to hosting an infomercial. Selleck appears so sedate that one wonders whether Tony Robbins’ hypnotic spell has turned him catatonic

This infomercial declares that Robbins “has become famous for his big smile and larger than life energy”—which is a nice way of saying he has the physique of Lurch and the hyperactivity of Matthew Lesko.

With his Ceaser haircut and wispy goatee, Robbins looks like a haggard middle-aged man desperately trying to appear hip and youthful.

Oh, Tom. Why would you do this? What's next, the Tom Selleck Make Your Own Aloha Shirt Machine? The Magnum PI Mustache Manager? This just makes my 80's heart hurt.

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