Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gays in the Military?

I'm copying this from a political website. It was my response to a question about gays being allowed to serve in the military.
I've wasted the last bit of energy I intend to discussing this issue with those who oppose it. It's always the same circular reasoning (it's different because it isn't the same!), the same prejudices (I don't want to be with those people!), and the same denial and ignorance (gays flaunt it, but straight people don't).

Attempting any more dialog is a futile endeavor, and ultimately, a pointless one. Laws and policies that deny equal treatment to all Americans will one day be tossed into the rubbish bins of history, and those who support such discrimination will scratch their heads and wonder what on earth happened. Meanwhile, the rest of us will go on with our lives and never look back.

SDJ: a gay, married, tax paying, home owning, hard working, voting, proud Marine Corps veteran.

I'm posting it here because it really is my last argument on the subject. If you agree with me, good. If you don't, that's okay, too. But understand that I don't care to hear any more discussion about it. More specifically, I will not be engaging in any further discussions about it. There is nothing new to be said, no just-discovered truth that will somehow sway opinions. The arguments are what they are, and people either support it, oppose it, or don't care about it. No matter which of those you feel, there is no point in me challenging your views.

For me, the time for talking is over.

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