Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving. Thankful.

For all the great planning that has gone into our holidays, sometimes the best days are the ones that just happen. Years ago, it was a simple Christmas dinner with our friends, Brooks and Elizabeth. And now I have another to add to that list.

Ric and I opted to not have a formal dinner this year. Instead, we decided on a casual, "bring something to toss on grill" sort of meal. And it could not have been better. We still managed to have the Thanksgiving basics - turkey, pumpkin pie, yams, etc - but it wasn't the big dinner to-do that we have had in the past

This year, friends were the centerpiece. And it was a great reminder of the reason to give thanks. Ric and I have a wonderful life, our basic needs of food and shelter are always met, and we are surrounded by the love of dear friends. Those are the reasons I am grateful year after year.

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