Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon, Blue Moon

Saw New Moon. Free. Thursday night. Before the midnight first showing. Thank you, Best Buy Silver Rewards.

The sound was terrible. Like a small plane was buzzing the theater... the entire movie. Walked away with a free pass to see another movie. Thank you, AMC Mission Valley.

The movie? Meh. Two long hours of celibate angst, shirtless tan hunks, and a so-pale-he's-see-through Edward and a slow shot of his pelvic bones. Hot? In a broody cut myself to feel something sort of way. But he and Bella haven't been happy in four hours of movies. Why are they together?

Slow moving story with cut-out characters and run-of-the-mill actors. Skip this at the theater and rent it when you're already in a mood.

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