Friday, November 20, 2009

123 Days, 21 Hours, 22 Minutes

Some of you may know, some may not, but I made a big change in my life one hundred twenty-three days, twenty-one hours, twenty-two minutes ago. I decided I had wasted enough time doing something that just left me feeling unhappy and miserable. And quitting wasn’t easy. I tried to quit before, you know, but never really had much luck. I would be okay for a while, and then old habits would have me right back where I was.

It’s tough to make such a big change in my life. And it isn’t something that I can do without telling my friends. I mean, everyone is going to notice eventually, right? So, here it is, the big announcement. Prepare to be shocked.

More than four months ago I decided enough was enough, I needed to get my act together, and I had to leave behind my self-destructive behavior. Yep, it’s true… I quit biting my nails. How cool is that? As you can imagine, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. No longer do I have to worry that someone is staring at my fingernails and wondering if I was attacked by rabid badger. My nails look great, my hands look better, and I feel a sense of accomplishment for successfully modifying my behavior. Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Oh, and I quit drinking alcohol last July 19th, too. Guess it was a big day for me all the way around.

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