Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Today is July 1st, and it is the first day of my comeback challenge.

For the next thirty-one days, I will be doing the #RunSelfieChallenge. Each day throughout the month, I am tasked with a specific photo challenge. Today, for example, I had to take a photo "with a beverage."

And it looked like this:

The photos are just part of what I am going to do for this challenge. I have decided to up the ante by setting distance goals, too. I will run at least one mile a day and at least fifty miles for the month. It doesn't sound like a lot of miles, but for someone who has been out of the game and is just now starting again, I think it's best to set realistic distance goals. I can add miles as I feel stronger through the month, but I'm don't have to if it feels like too much.

I've been in a bad headspace for a while now, but a challenge designed around selfies is the perfect motivation for me.

And I'll let Cookie have the last word here.

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