Friday, July 31, 2015

It's Fan Boy Friday! Meet Janeth Paris.

It's Fan Boy Friday, and that means I'm taking a few minutes out of my day to highlight and celebrate someone who deserves all the shout-outs she ever gets!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my friend, Janeth Paris.

Here's what you need to know about her:
  1. She's funny. Like, snicker under your breath until you can't hold it in anymore then lose it in a full-on belly laugh kind of funny. And that makes her an HR Manager's nightmare but a co-workers best friend!
  2. She's wise. She has learned what matters in this world, what really doesn't, and how to keep herself focused on the former.
  3. She's a joy to be around. She is one of those honest-to-goodness decent people that are a pleasure to spend time with. She has an easy smile and a sincere heart, and she just makes you feel better when she is around.
  4. She has recently turned off her "No" button and is now in full-on "Sure!" mode. If you have a crazy, fun, silly idea and ask her to join in, she'll do it. Be careful what you challenge her to do because she is unafraid!

Go run a 5K to honor Cedric? Done.

Get her DubSmash sing-along on? Done.

Jump out of a plane? River raft? Pub Crawl in a tutu and a tiara? Who knows? This lady is up to whatever life has in store for her, and the rest of us are lucky enough to be there when it happens.

Janeth, my friend, I am grateful that the fates conspired to bring you into my life. You are a bright light in my life and I love you like crazy, my friend!

Now, my friend, let's set this joint off with our man, Jamal!

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