Friday, June 29, 2012

Who Says Running Is A Lonely Sport?

For me, running is a very solitary activity. I wake up, put on my gear, and head out the door. Sometimes I run on the streets and other times I run on the treadmill at the gym, but either way, it's just me. So why am I writing a blog about the importance of teams?

I may look like I'm running alone, but I'm not. When I'm clocking those miles, I'm doing them with the Marines who first inspired me to make healthier changes in my life and turn an overweight, unhealthy body into a steadily-improving work success story.

You may only see me out there, but I'm running with the Ragnar SoCal 2011 team that encouraged me to try something new, to join a group of strangers and experience an exciting and unexpected 36 hours of fun.

When I run, I'm joined by my Ragnar Del Sol 2012 team. Eleven running buddies that helped me understand that I am truly am a runner, I can hold my own in any relay, and I have earned my way onto any team.

Mile after mile, I run with the spirit of Marines eternal, those hard-charging Devil Dogs that sacrificed all in the service to this nation. The unimaginable courage and commitment that guided them inspires me to be more, to do more, to keep going as long as I can still draw breath.

You can't see them, but I am surrounded by my Ragnar Florida 2013 team. They are eleven of the most inspiring, motivating and encouraging people I have ever known in my life. Their support makes the difference for me when I'm dragging, when I want to quit, when I think that maybe I don't have it in me to finish. They know that I can, and their confidence and belief in me makes all the difference.

And as always, I am joined on my runs by family and friends who provide an endless outpouring of encouragement. From Facebook posts and comments to text messages to Spark posts to sassy cards and pictures, I receive more support from more people than any one person dares to wish for.

So, the next time you see me running, and it looks like I'm by myself, don't be fooled. I'm not alone. I'm surrounded by hundreds of powerful motivators. And you just can't beat a team that strong.

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