Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer of Run 2012

For one hundred days, I was ultra-focused on my marathon training, all tracked and documented here in Project One Five. Since then, though, I've been hit and miss. I've slumped, rallied, run, and stalled again.

I'll admit it. I struggle. I lose focus in the day-to-day routine. I need big moments and bigger goals to keep my attention. And as of today, I have that goal. It's specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. In other words, it's a SMART Goal that will help keep me on track.

Welcome to The Summer of Run. There are ninety-four days between now and September 22, 2012, the First Day of Fall. And I plan to run every single summer day. Here's how I'm going to do it:

  • Ninety-four days in a row
  • At least one mile at a ten-minute pace each day
  • At least fifteen miles per week
  • A minimum of 201.2 miles total
Why these rules? I'll explain the idea behind each one of them.
  • My 100 Day Marathon Project felt like just the right length of time. It was long enough to make a difference but not so long that I lost interest. 94 days will be the same.
  • I know I will need recovery time, so I have to allow for those days. A single mile at a ten-minute pace will be enough to meet the challenge while still giving me time to rest.
  • The weekly minimum ensures that I don't get lazy and run single miles days back to back. I will need more to make the fifteen miles each week.
  • 201.2 miles in 2012. Seems right. Plus, it will challenge me to push myself throughout the project. With only 94 days to run, those single mile days will really mean extra miles the rest of each week. 
There it is. Runner12's Official 2012 Summer of Run Project. And now, it's time to run.

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