Wednesday, February 7, 2018

No, They Don't Want A Parade.

Speaking for every active duty service man and woman, I can tell you one thing for certain. They do NOT want a military parade.

How do I know this? Because I know what that kind of public display means in terms of work, and I know that no soldier, sailor, airman or Marine wants to do it.

Think about it. A parade means that all those involved need to prepare a dress uniform, clean and prepare any gear or hardware required, and then march for miles in formation. What about that sounds relaxing?

There will be other discussions about why publicly flexing our military muscle will more likely make us look like a banana republic. People are already saying things like that. And no surprise, I agree. It's just dumb. And expensive. And wasteful.

But my small but specific point here is that a parade only means more work for our military men and women. If we truly want to salute our military, raise their pay. Short of something significant like that, just give them a 96-hour liberty pass and say, "thanks for what you do to keep us safe."

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