Sunday, November 27, 2016


Some twist of fate left a child here
The corner of heartbreak and fear
Struck by closed hearts and closed fists
And all of the love you missed

Silent mornings become drunken nights
No one should live with this fright
A child accustomed to this rage
Grows up and wants to turn the page

And I know you still feel all that pain
Emotions they all churn
But with time and reasons to change
I know you can unlearn

Your childhood has finally past
But scars from that will always last
It defines you and sets the pace
A sorrow that you can't erase

You think you're broken, torn apart
No one will ever love your heart
How could you know what lies ahead
Or know who you will be instead

Life is more than what happened before
All grown up, it's your turn
And life has much for you still in store
It's time that you unlearn

So much pain but now you're grown
Standing tall out on your own
Making friends and meeting those
Who draw you in, pull you close

You take a risk and love so deep
Someone who's promise they don't keep
Again the pain, a familiar ache
Lost in the dark of love's heartbreak

I know you feel that you can't trust
It never was earned
Closed and defensive was a must
But you can unlearn

Heartbreaking what you're used to
Days and nights alone
No door knocks, no messages
No ringing telephone

But time comes when you finally see
It feels so good to simply be
A person who feels strong inside
A peaceful soul who walks with pride

And I know you felt you weren't enough
But this life can turn
And I know that change can hurt so much
But you, my friend, can unlearn

So rise from what you used to be
And let the world around you see
That inside is a warrior heart
And you love hard, and deep, and smart

Then spread that message wide and far
At church, at work, a local bar
And let the folks who know you know
The pain stops here, only love will go

Look at you, at who you are
The child shall finally return
To love, to dream, to reach a star,
You truly have unlearned.

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