Monday, November 28, 2016

A Limerick for Monday

A wise man who once thought to wait
At the intersection of Chance and of Fate
Decided instead
To get out of his head
And take action before t'was too late.

He started the day in a fog
On the wheel of life, another cog
Then the thought struck
"Man, what the fuck?
I've more to create than this blog!"

A promise was made then and there
The details so sharp and so clear
"I'll publicly say
I'm writing a play"
Imagine the hurrays and the cheers.

I've done it before, back in time.
"Goodbye, David," written in '99.
It was my first
My best and my worst
And I even delivered some lines.

So enough with "what if" looking back
I've got the power to get me on track
If I want to write
I can't say "I might"
I must proclaim it as fact.

Yes, it's true, I'm a playwright
But "one and done" doesn't sound right
What I need to do
Is write number two
A blend of the dark and of the light.

Friends, take note of this date
And then, of course, patiently wait
Because I commit
A play, I'll write it
The whole thing will be done by Feb 28.

The details are beginning to form
But changes, of course, will be norm
Working title, I'll make,
"A Man's Worst Mistakes"
And with that, it's time to brainstorm

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