Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Life Feels Like This. ("Life, Medicated." Part 6)

I've always been an open book to my friends, and since the rise of social media, I've carried that same transparency to my interactions with strangers. What you see is what you get.


When it comes to my struggles with my mental health, though, I carried that much closer to the vest. I wasn't comfortable dealing with that myself, let alone sharing all of that with anyone else.


Since I've started blogging about my mental health and my decision to seek treatment, thousands of people have read my posts. That's a little overwhelming, but in a positive way. It means that my words are resonating with others and that people appreciate knowing they aren't alone with what they are going through.

It's a big change, sharing this last part of myself. But I have no regrets. And I'm going to keep on blogging about this because it's how I'm going to save my own life.

The Short Version

Me, when I stay silent about what is happening

Me, when I share my struggles with my friends

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