Tuesday, August 30, 2016

... because you treat a movie theater like a trash can.

Yeah, we know you. You're the person who comes to a movie theater, eats a ton of crap for two hours, then walks out leaving a pile of garbage on the seats and the floor.

What is wrong with you? How is this okay?

Do you realize that you can pick up your own trash and drop it in the bin that you are going to walk right by? Of course, you do. But you don't care. Because you're an entitled little shit who thinks the world should clean up after you.

Here's a suggestion. Think about someone else besides your self for a change. Theater workers are already busy trying to get moviegoers into their seats as quickly as they can, and all of that has to stop and wait while they go up and down every aisle trying to remove the piles of trash you left.

Next time, clean up after yourself. Take your wrappers and bags and bottles and throw them away on the way out of the theater.

Otherwise, you suck as a person.

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