Wednesday, April 15, 2015

52 Weeks of Art - Week 15 - "Crowd"

Inspired, sadly, by the steady drumbeat of negative news stories, I focused this week's writing challenge on the divide that continues to separate so many of us from our neighbors, friends, and families.

The Crowd

There is a crowd surrounding me
A group of folks that seem to be
Similar from what I see
But something isn’t right

Surrounded, I am standing here
Thinking of what we could share
But each moment makes it clear
These people live with fright

Surely they are flesh and bone
With the same limbs, features, and tone
But a closer look has shown
They’ve lost the gift of sight

I don’t mean they cannot see
I mean they see things fearfully
They act as if they all believe
Our purpose is to fight

First they choose to separate
Then lash out at those they hate
As if such things will make them great
And somehow give them might

And just like that, it’s all quite clear
They’ve given in to senseless fear
The darkness has descended here
And they’ve all lost their light

To save myself, I take my leave,
Their death of souls something I grieve
But in my heart I do believe
That love will still shine bright

For kindness is the better way
And love will surely save the day
And it’s this mantra that I pray

“Faith, carry me alight.”

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