Thursday, March 12, 2015


Well, it seems that a week away from the real world is exactly the tonic to improve a guy's outlook on life.

As a reminder for the one or two people in my life who may not have noticed, these pictures reflect my attitude prior to my vacation:


Yep, it's true. I was out of control. I couldn't get through the first hour of my day without already feeling pissed off. And that's no way to live.

Fast forward to today and my mood is so, so much better. There are many reasons for that, of course. First, I had a whole week in Mammoth Mountain to relax and unwind. I also used that time to process through all the emotional baggage I had been carrying for the last few months. Losing friends is heartbreaking enough, but when they are taken in the prime of their lives, it's almost unfathomable.

And the endless stream of "outrage" stories showing up in my Facebook newsfeed were affecting me, too. Between the crimes, the abuse, the attacks, and the overall assault on decency and civility, it was just too much for me to take.

There are other factors, too. I am no longer carrying the secret of the home makeover from my husband. That was SO much pressure, to not only keep it a surprise but to make sure I didn't spoil all the planning and hard work that everyone else was putting into the home renovation. Ric and I tell each other everything, so that was crazy stressful.

But here we are now. And I'm at the very beginning stages of what I am calling #OperationBetterMood. And so far, so good.

First up, I started my day with coffee and sunshine in my brand new living room. It was calm, peaceful, and relaxing, and who doesn't enjoy that?

Next, I've begun filtering down my Facebook feed. There are way too many negative stories showing up, and I'm over it. I want to be informed of actual news, yes, but I don't need to keep up with every idiot who says something outrageous for attention. What's the point?

Also, I will spend time this weekend bringing a little order to the other areas of my home. After the big home improvement project, I am still left with clean up and organization challenges. But I can do them, and once done, it will be so much easier to keep the house in order.

Another big adjustment? It's time to make my health a priority again. I've spent months and months doing little to nothing, and it shows. I'm heavier than I want to be and I feel out of shape. That's no way for me to live. A simple routine of eating better, being active, and repeating consistently will take care of that.

Finally, I am focused once again on my writing. And that's a big deal for me. When I take the time to create something worth reading, it changes my whole attitude. I feel good about myself and I want that feeling to continue.

Bottom line? My happiness depends on me and the choices I make. And today, I'm choosing to embrace what makes me feel good and discard what doesn't.

What more can I ask of myself?

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