Tuesday, March 3, 2015

52 Weeks of Art - Week 09 "Ring"

The Ring

On the table was a band of gold
And like these hands, it just looked old
The things that it’s seen
When it held its sheen
More stories than one heart can hold

It began in a New Jersey shop
When sold to a rookie cop
To be given by he
With a question, on a knee
And the promise of love that won’t stop

It was worn proudly everyday
Life’s highs and lows on the way
The worst was the war
Nineteen-forty four
But he came home just as she had prayed

She wore it always with such pride
Even after that old cop had died
“You know what they say,
True love has its day,”
She’d say as she quietly cried

When she passed the ring came to me
And then to the girl of my dreams
I’d stare at her hand
Hoping she’d understand
That it meant so much more than it seemed

When she left us, I thought that I would
Give it you, hoping you could
Some day find a girl
To join in this world
And be as happy as two lovers should

With no clue of the world around me
I was truly as shocked as could be
I did not understand
Not a part of my plan
To learn that your love was a he

I’m not proud of my clumsy words
(Did I really say “that’s absurd”?)
But I can’t take back
The words of attack
My judgment was all that you heard

I’m ashamed of what I said to you
And the pain that I have put you through
Of the hatred you face
For the love you embrace
And the people who judge what you do

Your Grandmother and Mother above
In a dream gave my heart a shove
It’s simple, I see
The way it should be
And I get it now, love is just love

So I come to you hat in hand
And you’ll notice a change in the band
It’s still the same gold
But no longer old
It’s been recast to fit on a man

Please forgive what I’ve said and done
Take this ring and propose to the one
Who will stand by your side
Pfft, who needs a bride
When I’m already gaining a son?

(Written for my 52 Weeks of Art Challenge.)

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