Friday, January 31, 2014

Are you ready? Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is the big day, friends. It's the first official Selfie Saturday.

The rules are simple. At some point during the day, whenever you feel so inclined, take a Selfie and post it online. You can post it on Facebook, Instagram, your own blog, wherever. It doesn't matter where you post it, it just matters that you do. And tag it #SelfieSaturday.

Have some fun with this. I can't wait to see all of your happy, smiling selves.

This is a Selfie. And tomorrow, I hope to see you posting your own!


And if you're wondering what sparked this, I was inspired by this short clip about what beauty is. It's a video all about the Selfie and how we see ourselves.

And there it is. We all worry so much about our fat face, our glasses, our hair, our outfits... and on and on. And for what? It makes no sense.

We are beautiful. All of us, just the way we are. And it's about time we start acting like it.

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