Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Are You Awesome?

It's a simple question.

"Are you awesome?"

Did you answer "yes" without hesitation or qualification? If so, good. Great, even. Skip the rest of the blog because you won't read anything you don't already know. Enjoy your day.

Now, a few words for the rest of you.

If the word "yes" didn't leap from your lips immediately, I invite you to read further. Because there's something going on here that needs a bit of attention.

Why aren't you awesome?

Is it because you still have all that weight to lose? Because that's nonsense. A healthy body is a good thing, but it doesn't define you as a person and it certainly doesn't define your self-worth.

Is it because you aren't pretty or handsome enough? More nonsense. This is life we're talking about here, not a beauty pageant. And good looks are nice to have but they don't make you an awesome person.

Is it because there's nothing about you that is special or worth celebrating? Absolute bullshit. You may not believe this, but there IS something that you bring to this world that no one else can bring. But the Catch-22 is you have to trust in yourself enough to open up to the world and let everyone discover what that is.

If the only thing holding you back from being your awesome self is your own self-doubt, tell me. Comment here. Email me. Call me. Facebook message me. One way or another, reach out and let me know what is going on. And by the time we're done talking, you'll get it. You will believe that you are awesome.

But, what if the truth is that you are not awesome?

  • "I'm a mean person to my friends."
  • "I take from my friends but I don't give back."
  • "I gossip about people all the time."
  • "I judge everyone else."
  • "I'm jealous of other people."

Guess what? This is even easier to fix. If you are that person, knock it off. Stop being mean. Start thinking of your friends instead of just yourself. Stop spreading gossip.Quit judging people. And stop being jealous. Whatever lousy behavior you are doing, quit doing it. Just like that. And you'll be surprised at how quickly your friends and family will notice and be grateful.

So, either you are awesome and you don't act like it or you aren't awesome and need to change that. Regardless, the answer is yours to decide.

Get it together, folks. Because this world already has WAY too many people that are just marking time. What it needs is for the rest of us to shine brighter, speak louder, love stronger, and be better.

Once more, I ask this question:

"Are you awesome?"

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