Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 11 Recap - Summer of Run

Week eleven was my toughest week, yet. More on why later, but first, the recap.

Saturday, September 1st, was the end of week 11 of my Summer of Run Challenge.

  1. I ran all seven days.
  2. I ran at least one 10-minute mile each day.
  3. I ran more than 15 miles for the week.
Here's how it happened:

And the challenge recap so far:

This was the first week of the entire summer that I haven't had a real long run. That meant the distance was more spread out, though, to make sure I ran at least fifteen miles. I have also been running much more outdoors and off the treadmill, which has slowed my times down a bit but improved my overall running.

So I made it to Labor Day Weekend, which normally signals the end of summer. But for me, I still have a lot of running to do.

And the Summer of Run continues!

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