Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting Lean.

Ever try something new and have it not work out at all like you hoped? I hope so, because if you haven't, I think you're playing it way too safe. Risk brings great rewards, too.

Me, I try new things all the time. And sometimes, they don't work out at all. But that's okay. I can always adjust, right? And that's what I'm doing now with my E-life.

I thought that I was so clever when I set up separate Twitter and Blogger accounts. I would continue to write about my life on one blog and I would post about my running adventures on the new blog. But that hasn't worked out at all. Instead of creating two distinct places for my writing, I succeeded only in pulling myself in different directions. Not cool.

So, I'm fixing things. Right now, I'm stripping down my web presence to the basics. Yes, that means that my running and health-related posts will appear on my blog along with political, social and (sometimes) completely random posts. But that's okay. Each of those things is a part of me, and I trust that people will either find it worth the time to read, scroll by it, or stop reading my writing altogether. That's for them to decide.

I have one blog here at That is where my new posts will be going. I have one Twitter account, @JohnHulsey. And I have one account, SanDiegoJohn.

I hope you hang around. This is only going to get better.

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