Monday, July 12, 2010

Q: When Is Quitting Not Quitting?

A: When it is just another step on the road to continual improvement.

I started a 30 Day Challenge twenty-one days ago. I'm not doing it anymore. How is that not quitting?

One, because I already met my goal of losing thirteen pounds and getting under 200. Two, because my trainer cautioned me that after three weeks of solid cardio, my body was adjusting to it and needs a change. And three, because I'm already planning my next mini-challenge.

The old me was far more rigid. Sign up for thirty days and you do thirty days or else you're a failure. But that mindset is more a problem than a solution. Why would I want to continue doing a program that (a) has already delivered the hoped for results and (b) isn't the most effective use of my training time?

So now what? I'm enjoying a couple of days off from physical training (but still eating right and tracking my calories!) while I create my next challenge. I'm adding weight training to my cardio workouts to get the most out of my time in the gym. I'm thinking a two week period is enough to get into the routine, then I will get measurements and set up a longer-term goal.

And one other change... no more daily weigh-ins. I had my reasons for doing that before, but going forward, once a week is plenty. I'm not chasing a number on the scale, I am pursuing long-term fitness results.

I'm excited. I feel like I successfully completed my challenge because I lost the weight, I got back into a healthy routine, and I refocused myself on fitness and health. These are all very good things, indeed.

Here I go again. And I can't wait.

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