Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Podcasts, iTunes and Universities

Anyone else taking advantage of the iTunes/University partnerships? Right now, I'm downloading Stanford University's "The American Founders and their World (HIST151)" course. These are the audio lectures:

  1. Jefferson, Madison and the Problem of Slavery in an Empire of Liberty

  2. How Radical was the Revolution and how Reactionary was the Constitution?

  3. When Abigail and John met George and Charlotte, or, The American Rebellion Viewed from London

  4. Washington's Frontier and Hamilton's Marketplace: Visions of Post-Revolutionary Greatness

Each lecture is approx 2 hours, and they whole thing is free to anyone with an iTunes account... also free. They're pretty cool, and courses are available in nearly every subject. There are audio and video presentations, depending on the course.

Am I the only one listening to these?

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