Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Open-Mind Challenge

Blame my friend, Tony. It's his fault that I am embarking on a new challenge. I'm reading Glenn Beck's book, "Arguing With Idiots."

I say it's his fault because he is directly responsible. He appealed to my vanity and said that, as he was reading and agreeing with things in the book, he kept thinking, "that sounds like something Hulsey would say."

What could I do? I promised him I would read it and share my opinion with him. And then, me being me, I decided that sharing my opinion with everybody via my blog and Facebook was much more my style.

So, I'm starting to read it tonight. I'm going to keep an open mind and give an honest assessment of the book. And if I like it, I may even film a clip of myself tearing up a little as a tribute to Glenn.

Okay, I tease. I tease. But I really will keep an open mind and give it a fair chance. Wish me luck.

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