Thursday, January 28, 2010

Really? The A-Team?

Not sure what surprises me more, that someone is remaking the A-Team in a big budget Hollywood movie or that it is solid enough to include the distinguished and handsome Liam Neeson and funny and cute Bradley Cooper. And there's even more guy-watching in this flick. (Don't worry, straight guys. Jessica Biel will no doubt be in something skintight, so you have that to look forward to.)

And did I mention all the hotties in this movie? Brian Bloom is a favorite of mine going back to his soap opera days and more recent appearance on HBO's Oz. (No, I will not include the naked pics of him from Oz. Just Google.)

And he's always reminded me of Montgomery Clift. See the resemblance?

Patrick Wilson is best known for Phantom of the Opera and Angels in America.

Maury Sterling seems to have appeared in every single show on television over the last decade, judging by his IMDB page.

Omari Hardwick is seriously sexy.

This is like A-Team: The Hottie Edition. And I guess we'll see how it is when it opens in June.

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