Friday, January 29, 2010

Making The Time

I know that working out makes me feel better. So I make the time. I get up early and work out before I head into the office. That way, nothing distracts me and I can enjoy the day with that "post-workout smugness." 

But there are other ways that I need to take care of myself, and they are just as important. I need to make the time to be alone, to relax and unwind, to transition from busy, busy, busy workday to calm, comfortable at-home time. 

I need to make the time. There will always be things that need to get done, and work that can't wait, and a million other demands. But ultimately, the only way I can be the person I need to be for everyone else is to make sure that I am doing what I need to do for myself. 

I'm making the time. I'm worth it. 


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