Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello, it's my past calling.

I got a call yesterday from my old boss. Yep, the guy that laid Ric and I both off last October. (If you are expecting a tirade about how horrible he is, you're going to be disappointed. We worked in commercial escrow and title, so it was hardly a surprise that we got laid off. Business slowed to a crawl and the manager had to lay people off. It happens. And after five years of working with him, he really struggled with actually letting us go.)

Anyway, so he called yesterday needing some help on a project that I first worked on six years ago. And as nice as it was that he thought about me for the job, my response was that I am satisfied where I am working now, my job is a perfect match for me, and I couldn't be happier. And it felt really good to hear those words from my lips and know that I meant them.

And on a side note, he was genuinely happy for me and for Ric. He is a great person, he was a very good manager, and I hope things turn out as well for him as they continue to turn out for me.

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