Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Transition Period.

The transition period is going to be a bit grueling. I am excited about my new goals and my efforts to attain them. And that excitement translates into a desire to start doing everything right and right this minute. But that sort of all-encompassing change is better suited for a fad diet than a long-term plan for fitness.

On the other hand, I have to be careful of finding excuses for myself to not eat right, to not work out, to sleep in and avoid exercise. I can't let "I'll change that later, I am just doing this now" become a habit.

First up? Changing my eating habits. I am cutting out fast food completely, which means I need to spend a bit more time thinking about what I eat. Healthy lunches, more fresh fruit, snack-sized veggies, and lots of little meals (thanks, Michelle!) are on the menu, and breakfast donuts, Doritos, and Taco Bell are off it. Fortunately, Diet Mt. Dew and Diet Coke stay, though I am going to make it a point to drink more water throughout the day at the office.

Next? Getting this ol' body moving. I enjoyed an hour long, 3.5 mile walk yesterday through Balboa Park, but I know that I also need the structured routine of a gym. I started this morning with a 22 mile, one hour ride on the bike. It wasn't so much that I over-did it, but it was enough that I felt like I had accomplished something. And despite wanting to go back after work, I am going to wait until tomorrow. No need to push too fast and end up burning myself out.

I'm feeling good about my decisions. Now to just get through the transition period and develop a plan that I can maintain long-term.

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