Friday, December 12, 2008

Tip It!

If you haven't seen Kathy Griffin live, add it to your list o' things to do. I saw her show last night in Los Angeles (thanks for the ticket and the company, AJ!), and she was absolutely fantastic.
  • The show was at the Kodak Theater, home to the Oscars and the American Idol finales. It is a beautiful theater and really feels like a piece of old Hollywood.
  • It was the second night of a four night run and all of the shows sold out.
  • She was onstage for a full two hours, and the jokes and stories and comedy never slowed down.
Go, go, go see Kathy Griffin. The reality show and specials are great, but they don't capture the magic of a live performance. Oh, and "tip it!" is Kathy's Mom's expression when she wants Kathy to get the very last of the wine out of the box. She shared that during a long portion all about her Mom, Maggie, that had tears rolling down my face from laughter.

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