Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For Ric, on his birthday

Happy Birthday to you, Husband. My birthday wish for you:

I wish for you the happiness I feel when I'm with you,
To know I look at you and see a heart and soul so true.

I wish just once you would believe what others think of you,
And how proud your Mom would be to see the man you grew into.

I wish you knew the difference that you make in every day,
For those of us who know you, and those you meet along the way.

I hope you know that it is you I cherish and adore.
And given a hundred years, I'll surely want a hundred more.

Know that I will always be so proud to be with you,
And know that I feel loved by all the kind things that you do.

But most of all, my wish for you, is simple but sincere.
To know you have my heart and soul. Happy Birthday, dear.

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