Thursday, May 24, 2007

Preppin' for the 70's Prom

My friends Julie and Cassie were heading to the 70's Prom held last night at The Tavern at Pacific Beach, so Greg and I agreed to come over and help them get ready. As you can see from the photos and the videos, the prep was as much fun as the prom, itself.

This is Julie and her neighbor, Teresa.

And this is Cassie and Julie, starting their face work.

Now it's time to try on the wigs.

A little more mirror time, to make sure things are perfect.

And some final adjustments on the costumes.

And here I am, playing Tony Orlando to my two beautiful Dawns.

And the tip jar, since Julie is working at the bar during the 70's Prom.

Hot chicks belong with cool cars.

And here they are in front of The Tavern.

And this is my buddy, Greg, always willing to lend a hand to make sure the costumes are just right.

And a couple of fun videos...

Julie, trying to zip herself into that tight outfit...

And Cassie and Julie trying out their dance moves...

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