Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Getting better... no, not really... well, yeah... but...

This is so frustrating.

I met with the pulmonologist yesterday. I expected him to say that everything was good and that I was ready to go back to work this week. Nope. Instead, I am home for another two weeks.

There was good news. The lung examination showed no signs of cancer, no polyps, and no indications of anything life-threatening. Yay for me!

Now the bad news. I still have severe bronchitis, and my doctor is worried about a relapse resulting in pneumonia. Yikes. So now I am back on the inhaler and nasal sprays for the next 14 days, to see if the bronchial inflammation will go down.

Most of the time, I feel better. I know I am sounding better, too. But then I get a wave of coughing and I struggle to breathe. And of course, all the damn medications make me sleepy. I've begun to nap each day like a child or an old man.


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