Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Neutral Underground

As many of you know, I enjoy talking politics. I enjoy arguing, fighting and mud wrestling politics, in fact. But it's not easy to find a political discussion group online that isn't more frustrating than it is worth. Some of them are Right Wing yap fests, and there is nothing but anti-Left hate oozing out of every post. Others are the same, but anger and hate directed at the Right from so called liberals and progressives. And even if the Left board isn't totally anti-Right, it is usually pretty limited in its debate.

But I got lucky a month ago. Someone referred me to a website called Neutral Underground. It has people from all along the political continuum, from the Far Left all the way over to the Far Right. And there is debate galore. More than that, there are forums for everything from good to culture to humor. You can get a lot out of the site and never get involved in a single political discussion, if you choose.

I am registered over there as San Diego John. Come on over and check it out. Left or Right, you will find something there that interests you!

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