Sunday, April 19, 2020

Calling All "American Patriots" - Stand Up Against the Covid-19 Hysteria!

I get it. I understand. You’re not one of the sheeple in this country. You see right through the media and you know this “virus” is just the media trying to undermine Trump’s economy to stop him from being re-elected. Sure, you don’t have any sort of medical degree, or a degree at all, really, but you know that Big Pharma is conspiring with BIll Gates and Dr Fauci to force us to take face vaccines that are actually tracking chips. And most importantly, you know that #SocialDistancing is communism and you don’t have to live like that because you’re a straight, white, Christian in America and the laws and community orders don’t apply to you.
Well, you’re in luck. I’m here to support you. Go outside, cluster in groups, and own the libtards. Gather with as many like-minded faux patriots as you can find and protest for hours. Stand shoulder to shoulder, take deep breaths, and remember, masks are for pussies.
But before you get out there, I’m going to need two quick things. One, I’d like you to sign this medical card confirming you will not seek any treatment for Covid-19 conditions. No doctor visit, no nursing care, no ventilator, no medication, and no ICU bed. Who cares, right? The virus isn’t any worse than the flu, remember? 

Also, I have a name tag to put on the military camo uniform you ordered from the internet or on the “America First” t-shirt that was made in China. It will help everyone else identity you even from a distance.

Okay, all set? Good. Now get out there and make a difference.

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