Thursday, May 18, 2017

Words For Chris

For a man I didn’t know
And for the songs I did
For the happiness you shared
And all the pain you hid

There’ll be talk in days to come
Discussions about blame
Fingers pointing at you but
We’ll all still know your name

I listened to your albums
I cheered from in the crowd
I stood in the black hole sun
And yelled and screamed out loud

Maybe you were feeling lost
Confused by your own mind
Maybe that was why you chose
To leave this all behind

I don’t know what to learn here
Whatever lesson taught
Whatever pain you battled
Whatever fights you fought

I just know I could be you
At least the way you left
I could break a hundred hearts
And leave them all bereft

But I still choose to stay here
Remaining in the fight
Waging war and holding back
The dying of the light

So I bid a sad farewell
To a heart that didn’t harden
May you finally find your peace
Home in your sound garden

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