Monday, December 29, 2014

More Passion. Less Judgement.

My always-worth-knowing friend and Marine Brother, Jeremy, shared this picture today and I can't get it out of my mind.

After kicking it around for a bit, I realized that it bothers me for two different reasons. One, because I've been told this more times in my life than I can even remember. Two, and this bothers me even more, because I have likely acted like this to someone along the way. And now, I'm the reason they slip back into "sorry" mode when discussing their passions.

I can't go back and change what I have said and done in the past, but I can make every effort to never repeat that mistake.

I'm listening. And I will make every effort to keep listening, to make sure that you know that I may not share your passion for something, but I will absolutely encourage YOU to be as passionate and loud and vocal and excited about whatever it is that makes your pulse race and your heart soar.

Because the world needs more passion, encouraged and nurtured and supported. 

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