Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Of Marines, Physical Fitness, and Art.

Wait, what? What kind of title is that for a blog post?

Trust me, it will make sense by the end.

Time and time again, I tell myself to focus on the positive and not be drawn into pointless political debates. Sometimes I remember, sometimes I forget. But it really is a self-perpetuating thing, where commenting on one thing leads to another and more back-and-forth and suddenly, I've been arguing for hours and accomplishing nothing.

But this is a new month and I am going to challenge myself to go all of June without a political post, comment, or discussion. When those kind of posts show up on my Facebook newsfeed, I'm going to do this:

And just like that, the temptation goes away. I mean, I can't comment on what I can't see, right?

Instead, I am going to focus on three things that do make a difference in my life:

Marines, because this month is my reunion in New Orleans and I will be sharing updates from the reunion and then memories afterwards.

Physical Fitness, because my 90 Day "Road to Ventura Marathon" challenge begins the day I return from New Orleans and I will be posting to keep myself accountable.

Art, because there are so many amazing and beautiful works of art out there (paintings, sculptures, books, etc), and I know so little about it. I want to feel like I have actually learned something, educated myself, and gained a greater appreciation for artists.

So, that's the blog title, "Of Marines, Physical Fitness, and Art." Because Spring is turning into Summer, and I would like to be a better me at the end of the month than I was when it started. And consciously choosing good things for my mind (and soul) will go a long way towards making that happen.

And you? What are your plans for June? 

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