Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just Stop.

I am asking all of my friends to "Just Stop."

Did you run today?
Yes, but just a 5K.

You look great. Have you lost weight?
Well, just five pounds.

Congratulations on the training.
It's nothing, I just started.

I didn't know you started running. That's great.
Oh, not really. I just run at a 12min pace.

What is wrong with us that we feel the need to minimize our accomplishments? Why must be so self-critical, even when someone is right in front of us saying something positive?

I know that I do this myself, and I'm going to work on eliminating that negativity from my life. It's not just a 5k, it's a 5k and it's awesome. It's not just five pounds, it five pounds that I'm proud I lost.

My successes deserve to be celebrated, not minimized or degraded. And the same goes for my friends. If I hear people taking that same cheap shot at themselves, I'm going to say something about it. Because life is too short to not be proud of ourselves every chance we get.

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