Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Big Events Do Not Equal Great Training

It's been a crazy two months of running, including the Capital to Coast Relay, two separate Ragnar Relays, and the Marine Corps Marathon. It was a lot of big event types of things, and I loved (nearly) every minute of it.

But, here's the thing about events like that. They have a negative impact on my overall training.
Instead of a good week of training, I might only have a single training run during the week. Other days, I'm busy with travel, company, expos, sightseeing, etc.

Running the Marine Corps Marathon, for example, is way more than just one day's activity. It's a travel day there and a travel day back. It's an afternoon at check-in and the expo. It's dinners with friends and drinks after. It's a day to explore the city and play tourist. All and all, it was five days away from San Diego and my normal routine.

Now, multiply that type of weekend by the last eight weeks, and you get a better idea of how my training has fallen by the wayside. Sure, I ran from Austin to Corpus Christi one weekend. But I only ran 16 or so miles of it. And I was away from San Diego from Thursday through Sunday again. Another week, another several days of not working out at all.

I don't regret any of the events. I have had an amazing couple of months. From September 19th through November 9th, I have been coast to coast!

San Francisco to Napa, Ragnar Relay
MCRD San Diego, Boot Camp Challenge
Denver, Steampunk Wedding
San Diego, playing host 
Austin to Corpus Christi, Capital to Coast Relay
DC, Marine Corps Marathon
Hollywood, Hard Rock 5k
Las Vegas, Ragnar Relay

For now, though, my steady-travel days are on hold. And I have a plan to get myself back into my training routine. But that's for another blog.

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