Monday, October 14, 2013

And The Student Will Become The Master.

Not so long ago, a Marine Corps Brother of mine kept seeing my posts about health and fitness and decided to make a few changes of his own. Shortly after, I had the honor and joy of accompanying him on his first half marathon run. It was a brutal experience for him, but he stuck with it and finished all 13.1 miles.
The last mile of the half marathon, and Jeff is all go and no quit!

Fast forward to yesterday's Depot Days Run. That same Marine Corps Brother, Jeff Lester, took first place in his age division for the 5 Mile Run. And he has the big, shiny trophy to prove it.

Who got a shout-out? This guy. How cool is that?!

I imagine Jeff is feeling proud of himself, but honestly, he can't be any prouder than I am of him. He credits me for getting him started, but this is really a story of full circle inspiration. Because right now, I am seeing what he is doing and thinking, "hey, it's time to step up my training if I want to keep up with this guy... he's a rock star!"

I'll see Jeff later this week in Texas. We are both teammates, running the Capital to Coast Relay from Austin to Corpus Christi. And right now, I'm just hoping I can keep pace with him.

Congrats, Brother. You earned it!

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