Friday, March 15, 2013

Make Your Own Magic Moments.

Have you seen this video, yet? A guy gets a chance to play on stage with his musical idol and walks away with an amazing experience. See for yourself:

There are so many lessons here, and all of them are important. Even life-changing.

  • When he knew he was going to attend the forum with Billy Joel, he envisioned the chance to join him for the song. There really wasn't any reason to expect it to happen, but the chance was there. And that was enough.
  • Despite no real chance of this happening, the guy spent time practicing the song on the keyboard. If his moment presented itself, he wanted to be ready.
  • Against the odds, he was presented the opportunity to ask Billy Joel to sing with him. So he did. And what happened? Billy Joel said, "okay."
  • And deliver, he did. He did everything he could to make this moment happen, and when it did, he played his heart out.

Some people will watch this and think, "oh, he's so lucky." Sure, there's an element of luck involved. I mean, not everyone there at the forum had the chance to ask a question. But this is an example of luck meeting preparedness. His earlier planning and his willingness to take a risk combined to deliver an amazing reward.

And it's not just a moment with a superstar. Each of us can make our own magic moments. We just need to imagine, prepare, ask, and deliver.

For me, running my first Ragnar Relay Race was a magic moment. When I first started working out, I had absolutely no expectation of being part of a 200 mile relay team. But I did imagine myself running faster and farther in the future. I had faith that I would get better if I just kept at it. And I did. I prepared myself for whatever was to come by running the miles, day after day and week after week. And months later, I stumbled across the RagnarRelaySeries website and asked, "what is this all about?" Then, with the right connection (thanks, Denise and Lisa!), I stepped up and took a leap of faith. I joined a team, showed up, and delivered.

And since that experience, running has taken me across the country, introduced me to (literally) hundreds of amazing people, and allowed me take part in relays, long-distance runs, obstacle courses, and crazy physical challenges.

It all started when I imagined something big for myself, because possible when I prepared, became a reality when I asked, and a success when I delivered. I made my own magic moment.

So, what of you? What will be YOUR next magic moment?

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