Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Hulsey-Sanchez Brothers of Mercy Recovery Center

As many of you already know, our friend recently broke her leg while visiting from Los Angeles and has settled into our guest room for an extended stay. She's traveled a bit since, but for the most part, she's staying local. Her doctors' appointments are here, the house is single story and easy to navigate on crutches, and she has people to help her with meals, etc.

Our friend has decided that our home is not just Casa John and Ric. She has also named us the Hulsey-Sanchez Brothers of Mercy Recovery Center. And today, we got our first mail addressed that way.

And what wonderful things were in that package? Well, I don't know how the sender knew, but the gift she sent us is absolutely, completely perfect.

Our previous flags had aged to the point where they were no longer serviceable, so we had to take them down. But today, our brand new flags are going up.

Thanks, random stranger who might also be related to a certain lady with a broken leg. Your gift was thoughtful and generous, and we will think of you every time we come up the walk and see these beautiful flags.

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